y.ad studio(上海严旸建筑设计工作室)2017年成立于上海,以建筑、设计、创新为立足点,不断拓展领域,进行持之以恒的日常实践。建筑与设计实践中我们以实际情况为根本点,跳脱固有陈规、标签及印象,游离在多样性与纯粹之间。通过前瞻的思考分析及专业的技术,探索环境、场所、结构、材质,来平衡想象力和现实、艺术与科学、人与场所,试图让设计实践具有更多可能性。





     y.ad studio Established in Shanghai in 2017, since its construction, design, new starting point, continuous development and development area, continuous daily practice. During the construction and design practice, we have the fundamental point of the actual information, the specific details, the structure and the impression, and the diversity of the connections between the two. Forward thinking analysis and industrial technology, exploration environment, location, structure, material quality, equilibrium imagination power, reality, design, science, human resources, experimentation, design, practical equipment, and many more possibilities.

   Our daily practice is a perfect combination of public service, full social demands, residents' demands, practical methods for practical use, effective methods of daily life, and the pursuit of power and general skills.

   Please note that each item is organized, planned, planned, and completed after construction. Through the process, the original idea reaches the final result. During the process of perfecting the system, the design will achieve maximum excellence, improve the production of the industry, create social consciousness, and develop the business world.

   It allows us to experience the sensory experience and direct observation, space for attention, light and shadow, and detailed movement information. It is possible to create hope in a space where people can sense, experience, explore and think. It is an unstoppable transformational appearance in space, and it is a perceptible field of internal and external scattering. The whole process is a pure method, the characteristics and qualities of the creation of wealth, the sense of quality, the imitation of nature and the artificial world.

   Sustainability is the construction of the world, but it is not limited to green space, circulation utilization, power generation and green energy harvesting methods. We hope to change the construction method in the future in order to improve the actual construction, material quality and construction sustainability, reduce construction costs, wear and tear, and environmental impacts.